How do you use our Avocado Lavender Salve? Testimonials from the road…

It’s ski season! And, it was a long drive before friends and I arrived at our hotel. As we settled in and prepared for an early morning on the slopes, our friend began to apply a creme on her hands and arms. The familiar scent filled the room. What was this heavenly-scented moisturizer? It was our Avocado Lavender Salve!

What followed felt as if we were reciting the lyrics to a childhood song about all the areas on the body that the salve can be applied. You know, the song that goes “heels and toes, elbows and nose, lips and…” Okay, we don’t recall the lyrics but you get the idea :). We agreed that the Avocado Lavender Salve is great for all-over-body moisturizing. It’s vitamin-rich avocado oil includes A, E and various B vitamins, nutrients that help to alleviate dry skin and has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant (anti-aging) benefits.

We ended the evening with a chuckle after discovering that we also applied the salve to our hair. Yes…our hair! While our friend uses it to tame pesky fly-aways, we often run the salve through our hair, using it as a leave-in hair conditioner. It strengthens and keeps our hair tangle-free. It was a great way to end the evening :).

How do you use Naturally Susan’s Avocado Lavender Salve? Let us know.


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