New York Bridal Makeover Event

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Over the summer we held a contest in NYC for a chance to win a full Bridal Makeover package with personal traininghairmakeupdress consultation,photo shoot, and a gift bag full of beauty treats. We chose one lucky winner at random and just recently held the makeover event. Stacy, our gorgeous bride to be and contest winner, had just gotten engaged two months before we ran the contest. She plans on getting married next October (almost exactly a year from today!) on the beach in the Hamptons. Since she’s still in the very early stages of planning, she was very open to the entire experience, and hopefully we were able to help her narrow down her choices and have a better idea of what she’d like for her wedding day look.

With CJ from Moss + Isaac there to document the entire day, Stacy started out with a fitness training session in Central Park with Molly Winter Fitness. These two make it look easy since there were more smiles than tears but we assure you, if you’re looking to be in tip top shape for your wedding, Molly is your gal.

About their workout, Molly says, “Stacy told me she was interested in wearing a cap sleeve dress, so I tailored her workout to focus more prominently on her triceps, biceps, and core. Stacy is naturally thin with a normal amount of essential body fat for a woman her age, and she really needed to work on strengthening. The most beneficial Wedding Training program for her is a series of efficient workouts that focus on improving overall muscular endurance and definition for the parts of her body that her dress is going to show off most prominently.”

“Stacy also mentioned that she’s a busy New Yorker without a lot of time in her day to workout, so I used tools that would provide maximum efficiency by working several muscle groups at once. I loved using TRX Suspension Training with Stacy to challenge her core stability at the same time we were doing upper body rows and tricep extensions, and we also used a mid-level resistance band to work her shoulders and arms with a set of clean front punches.”

Next, we headed on over to Styles on B in the East Village for hair and makeup. Stacy started in the makeup chair with Elizabeth Black, asking for “classic bridal makeup” and says, “I was excited to try false lashes for the first time!”

When going to your makeup consultation, Elizabeth says, “Wedding makeup should be timeless and feel as comfortable to be in as your own skin. When meeting with a makeup artist, bring photos of makeup looks you relate to so you can  communicate clearly what you want. Visual aids leave less room for discrepancies. When it comes to makeup, one person’s smokey eye can be what another person considers a natural look.”

Another sweet tip from Elizabeth“If you opt for false lashes, use individual false lashes like we did in Stacy’s makeup. This way if you lose a lash or two due to tears on the day of, you don’t ruin the whole look. Strip lashes can shift and are very hard to stick back into place if the eye area gets too wet.”

Want some more beauty tips? Who doesn’t? Susan from Naturally Susan’s says, “With Fall weather, the air starts getting cooler, drier, and starts sapping moisture from our bodies. Here are some beauty tips to keep your skin soft, supple, and healthy:

  1. Moisturize your skin. 
  2. Cover up. Less exposure means less moisture loss and damage to delicate skin.
  3. Hydrate. Water makes up about 75% of our bodies, so keep hydrated for healthy skin

After she was finished with makeup (and looking beautiful!) she hopped on into Stacy’s chair at Styles on B. For hair, Stacy says, “I wanted a romantic, wavy look.” Stacy (the stylist : -) gave Stacy (the pretty bride to be) some soft, wavy curls in her naturally straight hair and twisted in some braids for a loose, romantic side-swept ponytail.

Sigh. She looks simply stunning! We’re obsessed with those braids! The little flower in her hair is by Hushed Commotion. P.S. Take a tour of Stacy’s salon and see her great wedding hair tips.

Next we hailed a taxi and headed to The White Gown in DUMBO, Brooklyn, where Erica helped Stacy search for her dream dress. Since this was her first wedding dress shopping experience, Stacy says, “I wanted to try on lots of different silhouettes because I had no idea what would look good on me. I also liked the idea of something flowy and chiffon for a beach wedding.”

On shopping for a wedding gown, Erica says, “The best tips I can give any bride is breathe and have an open mind.  Many brides get overwhelmed by trying to please their friends and family. It is most important that they keep their own style and personality in mind above all else.  Also, it’s okay to fall in love with something that is the opposite of what you thought you wanted.  It happens all the time and as long as you feel beautiful in it, go for it!

We didn’t want to reveal too much of the dress shopping since Stacy may or may not have found her dream dress there (we can’t tell you!) but trust us, she looked breathtaking in everything she tried on!

At the end of the day, we asked Stacy if she was getting a clearer idea of her wedding day vision and she told us, “Having the trials definitely helped give me a better idea of what I like, and has reminded me to keep an open mind too! I went in having ruled out strapless dresses, thinking I’d want to be more covered for the ceremony, but now they are back in the mix! And I learned that you could always add removable cap sleeves or sashes to any dress. The next time I try on dresses now I know to always be thinking — What can I add to make this my dream dress?”

We all had so much fun spending the day with Stacy, wishing we could get together like this all the time! We’re hoping Stacy is enjoying the rest of the planning process and we know for sure she is going to be one drop dead gorgeous bride!

Like we said, we didn’t want to reveal too much of Stacy’s makeover but trust us, she was in some seriously talented hands. Be sure to check out the work of this talented makeover team!

Photography: CJ at Moss + Isaac Photography
Fitness Training: Molly Winter Fitness
Makeup: Elizabeth Black Makeup Artist
Hair: Stacy at Styles on B
Beauty Gift Bag: Naturally Susan’s
Wedding Dresses: The White Gown

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