A New Year & A Naturally, Beautiful You!

The holidays. They’ve come and gone. Yet, holiday stress has lingered…as breakouts! And, they’ve popped up on certain areas of the face! Did you ever wonder why that happens? What do breakouts on our chins mean? How about our foreheads? Or, our cheeks?  What can we do to lessen the degree of breakouts?

Here are some beauty rules that help to minimize breakouts overall:

  • Avoid touching your face with your hands to limit spreading bacteria,
  • Use clean cosmetic tools when applying makeup onto your face,
  • Wash up before bedtime to clear away pore-clogging dirt and bacteria, and
  • Drink plenty of water to flush toxins from the body.

And, when breakouts affect certain areas of the face, here are some helpful tips to address the problem areas:


  • Change it up! Using the same shampoo can result in clogged pores.  Change your shampoo every six months or so to limit buildup.
  • Reduce stress. Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation to reduce stress that can increase oil production.


  • A possible culprit…your phone! If your phone is often pressed against your cheek, clean your phone frequently. This can help to reduce bacteria from spreading to your face.
  • Is it allergies? Check with your medical practitioner if breakouts in this area are persistent or severe.

Chin & Jaw:

  • Avoid processed food and refined sugars.  The body seeks ways to rid itself of the excess that can affect the chin and jaw areas.
  • Monthly hormonal changes can affect these areas as well. If breakouts are severe or persistent, please seek advice from your medical practitioner.

We wish you a wonderful 2013 and we look forward to another great year with a naturally, beautiful you!

Thank you for being kind to your body.


© Naturally Susan’s LLC. All rights reserved.


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