Press Feature: Susan’s Wish For You

as published on Winters Play Place

by Winter Parris

Announce yourself: Susan Ng ~ Founder & Owner, Naturally Susan’s LLC

Birthplace: New York City, NY

Business Name: Naturally Susan’s

What is the inspiration behind your business?   

Like many businesses, my business began with a passion. A passion for healthier skin care. I wanted beauty care products that were all natural and organic and that were suitable for my sensitive skin. Since learning that the skin absorbs about 60% of what we put on it, I threw away almost all of the products that I had been using and was left with a nearly bare medicine cabinet. And, I found many products in the market that were heavily scented with artificial fragrances and loaded with chemicals that have been linked to health issues. So, I began researching and developing my own formulas. The skin care products that I developed started resonating with friends and, as the popularity of my products grew, Naturally Susan’s was born.

How does your business ultimately care for women? 

Be Kind to Your Body. ® This is my personal philosophy. It’s the philosophy behind my business, and it’s the philosophy behind the products that I develop. I designed my products for women, like myself, who are constantly on the go. I used to travel a lot for business, flying from one destination to the next. While I still travel a great deal, my travel is now more local to my various markets and expos. So, with my products, gone are the days where I have to pack bottles and bottles of skin care products in my purse and travel bags. Gone are the days of the overloaded bags that strained my neck and shoulders. Now, I travel much lighter since my products can be used for all-over-body and they’re long lasting. Whether we’re Moms, Moms-to-be, business women, or all of the above, our lives are busy enough. My products help to simplify our beauty routines while being mindful that we are taking care of ourselves through the skin care products that we’re using.

Avocado Lavender Salve

What is your message to our mom/woman readers?

Oftentimes, we find ourselves so busy caring for our families and managing our workloads that we forget to take time for ourselves. In other words, we put other’s needs ahead of our own. I’ve learned to set aside some time during the busy day for myself. I would either go to the gym, do some yoga at home, or take a long walk, the latter being my favorite thing to. I didn’t always carve out time for myself since work was nonstop and life was filled with day-to-day challenges. But, my body got tired. My body was telling me something, and I listened. It was then that I began to make more time for myself to recharge. It was then that I had time to focus even more on what I was eating by incorporating more organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains into my diet. And, it was then that I started being more careful about the products that I was using on my body. All of which influence our health and well-being.

Rose Patchouli Roll On Moisturizer & Natural Perfume

Where can we find you on the web?

You can learn more about Naturally Susan’s products on my website and on my social media pages. And, I would love to connect with everyone in person at my various markets and expos, so please see the calendar of events.


Facebook: Naturally Susan’s LLC

Twitter: @NaturallySusans

Blog: Naturally Susan’s Parlour 

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