The Jet Setter Essentials Travel Kit is here!

Naturally Susan's The Jet Setter Essentials Travel Kit

The Jet Setter Essentials Travel Kit

Travel enthusiasts! Whether you’re traveling the world, sneaking off for a weekend getaway, or taking that well-deserved vacation, our new travel kit is designed with you in mind! Our multipurpose, travel-friendly kit includes long-lasting, versatile products that can also help you lighten your load. Pack this kit in your carry-on bag and you’re ready to go!

Kit includes five (5) products *:

    • 1 – Avocado Salve
    • 1 – Roll On Moisturizer & Natural Perfume
    • 1 – Dry Spray Shampoo
    • 1 – All-Natural Hand Sanitizer
    • 1 – Bug Spray

Avocado Salve:
Our premium, long-lasting, vitamin-rich moisturizer deeply penetrates and seals in moisture. Use on lips, hands, face and body.

Roll On Moisturizer & Natural Perfume:
Lightweight, non-pore clogging, and fast absorbing moisturizer in a convenient roll on applicator. Use on face, neck, hands, and as a natural perfume.

Dry Spray Shampoo:
Spray, Dry, and Go! Remove dirt and oil, naturally, while maintaining moisture balance and promoting healthier hair and scalp.

All-Natural Hand Sanitizer:
This essential oil blend sanitizes and freshens. Use as hand sanitizer, body spray, surface cleaner, and aromatic room freshener.

Bug Spray:
All-Natural. Deet-Free. Bug Repellent. Repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Use as an insect repellent and room spray.


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* Select the Avocado Salve & Roll On combination in your kit. Clutch purse not included.

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