Thank You Chef Jose Andres & World Central Kitchen

We hope you’re doing well. We’ve been quiet of late since, like many of you, we’ve been socially isolating and distancing. We’ve also been thinking about other ways in which we could help. So, we looked to support those who have the resources to address a gaping need.

For the second consecutive year, we made a donation to the World Central Kitchen, an organization spearheaded by Chef Jose Andres. Our first donation was in January 2019 during the government shutdown that affected countless federal workers.

His organization continues to support those in need to this day, setting up locations across the country and providing much-needed nourishment to keep our communities strong. We’re impressed at how quickly and how much his organization continues to accomplish and we’re immensely thankful for his continued efforts.

We realize that these are extraordinary times. But we’ll persevere. Stay strong. Be well. We’ll get through this together.

Sending you all virtual hugs and kisses ❤️.

~ Susan

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