HEALTH & BEAUTY: What’s in Your Lipstick?

We’re minimalists when it comes to wearing makeup. Often opting for makeup-free Mondays and makeup-free Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays….okay, pretty much makeup-free everyday :). The only cosmetic we always keep in our purse is lipstick.

Statistics indicate that we “eat” about four pounds of lipstick every year. While that statistic is debatable, there’s no doubt that we ingest a lot of toxic chemicals including those that may be in the lipsticks that we put on our lips, on our bodies.

We’re always in search of the right shade of lip color. And, it’s taken us some time to research and find the right lipstick that’s free of as many toxic chemicals as possible. Our NS Fans have expressed similar frustrations in finding 100% artificial chemical-free lip stick. So, we suggest weeding out as many as possible.

We discovered several major lipstick brands that we like. The following are ones that we discovered at Sephora (we love that store!):

  • Bite – Our go-to brand for lip color, offering smooth and silky coverage that we like.
  • Tarte – Some of the lipsticks felt a little chalky and drying to our lips, yet we like their shades.
  • Fresh – Sugar lip tint provides a shimmer of color, for when we just want some sheer coverage.

There are many out there and we love playing at Sephora’s cosmetic counters :). We encourage you to find the right lip color for you and, most importantly, find ones that are free of as many artificial chemicals as possible.

What’s your go-to lipstick?

Thank you for being kind to your body!

HEALTH & BEAUTY: Spruce Up Your Beauty Care

Spruce Up Your Beauty Care

It’s the start of a new year. A time for resolutions. For 2015 to be an even better year.
The holidays have come and gone, and we’re starting off the new year by decluttering. Getting out from under the pile of boxes and mail that we set aside these past several months. Being organized contributes to our overall health and well being. And, this applies to our beauty routines as well. This means, cleansing our medicine cabinets of beauty care products that are toxic, have expired or gone rancid. Old and expired products may no longer be as effective and bacteria can build up that can lead to infections and breakouts.
Here are a few tips to organize and spruce up your beauty care:
  • Be cautious of products that include parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances and artificial colors that can be harmful to the body. Rid your cabinets of products that contain these toxic ingredients.
  • Use the “sniff” test to help determine whether products should be replaced. If it smells bad, toss it.
  • Discard expired products. Cosmetic and beauty care products that are over a year old or have passed their expiration dates should be thrown away. This includes sunscreen, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, moisturizer, etc.
  • Clean your makeup brushes and applicators. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid drying the bristles and let the applicators dry thoroughly before using.
  • Use bins to organize your makeup and beauty care products. If you have plastic storage containers or zip loc bags, those work too.
Take some time to cleanse and organize your beauty cabinets. Your body will thank you for it.
We wish you a wonderful and healthy 2015!

Our Ultimate Home Spa Cake!

4-Piece Home Spa Kit CakeThis cake includes a sweet Sixteen (16) of our 4-Piece Home Spa Kits.

We’re serving up some chocolate decadence! Enjoy skin-healthy indulgence with this home spa pampering kit!

Each 4-Piece Home Spa Kit includes our Chocolate and Oatmeal Facial Mask Minis and our Café Mocha Organic Sugar Body Scrub Mini…all snuggled in a cotton washcloth.

• Chocolate Facial Masque
• Café Mocha Body Scrub
• Oatmeal Facial Exfoliant
• 100% Cotton Washcloth

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1st Midnight Wednesday Event with Ame Ame, Emily Kammeyer Accessories, and Naturally Susan’s Bath and Beauty

As published on The Tear-N Tan Files

So did you get your shop on last night?  Last night’s 1st Annual Midnight Wednesday event around the East Village included 10% discounts on participating shops in the area.  There were plenty of boutiques open til midnight for your spending pleasure and hopefully you were able to help out these small businesses by finding some unique gifts for the holiday season.

I’m still thinking about that winged migration necklace at Pink Olive and that brown vintage bag at Dusty Buttons.  Hmmmm…

Well, after spending some time on 9th Street, checking out the various shops, it was off to Ame Ame for their event.  Located on 9th Street, between 1st and 2nd Ave, the shop was bustling with music provided by DJ Miami Slice, fashion, and lots of candy.



Participating at the Ame Ame store was Naturally Susan’s bath and beauty products.  For the lady (or man) in your life who love to feel pampered, these natural and organic soaps, scrubs, skin care products were a big hit.  All of the products are handcrafted by Susan herself, so you know exactly what is going into the products.


And if you’re not sure what to buy, there’s a mini sampler package including various soaps, scrubs, and masks for just $20.  These last a long time too, as you only needed to use a little bit to get great coverage.



If accessories and jewelry are more your thing, Emily Kammeyer was there to help you out.  Her line of head pieces have been featured from various online shopping sites to blogs and fashion magazines.

Want something simple?  You’ll like her wrap bracelets with tassels.  These pieces look great with any outfit, including that sequined tuxedo jacket you know you’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve.



And if you’re into the statement necklace, there are some great selections to choose from.




You can also get something simple for your hair like these playful clips:





Ladies of the night, Ame Ame’s Teresa Soroka, Designer Emily Kammeyer,  Naturally Susan’s Susan Ng


Was a great night to spend money, and support the local shops.  And since it ended at midnight, you still had plenty of time to go to a bar for a nightcap.


Me?  I ended my night prepping for winter, in a new pair of rainboots.



Toxic Medicine Cabinet – What are you putting on your body?

What’s in your cosmetics and beauty care products? Are there ingredients that you’ve never heard of? Can’t even pronounce?

At Naturally Susan’s, we scoured and researched ingredients in products such as facial moisturizers, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, lipsticks, and foundations and discovered toxic chemicals in the products that were poisoning our bodies. So, we searched for natural, organic options and began developing our own.

Believe it or not, there are no government regulations that oversee the safety of cosmetics and personal care products that are in the market today. With the exception of color additives, cosmetic companies are not required to conduct pre-market testing or health studies before selling to consumers. As a result, hazardous ingredients can be included in products without warning labels.

So what did we find from our research? We found a laundry list of chemical ingredients and we’ve named a few in the watch list below.

Toxic Watch List:

* Parabens such as methyl, ethyl, propyl, and butyl parabens are used as preservatives and have been found to be carcinogenic. They are common ingredients in moisturizers.

* Fragrances are a chemical cocktail and are often listed simply as “fragrance” on the ingredient label. Approximately 3,000 chemicals hide behind the term “fragrance” and the synthetic components are not required to be listed.

* Petroleum-based products are derived from crude oil. These include mineral oil, paraffin wax, and paraffin oil and are often found in mascaras, foundations, and lipsticks. These ingredients clog pores, sealing toxins in our body.

* Sodium laurel sulfates are foam enhancers and have been found to cause damage to the central nervous system, skin irritation and eye damage in animals exposed to these chemicals.

* Phthalates are generally not listed on ingredient labels since they are part of fragrances. Oftentimes, they are used as plastic softeners and health issues may include birth defects and decreased sperm count.

* Talc has been associated with an increased development of ovarian cancer.

* Sunscreen chemicals such as oxybenzone and PABA can cause allergic reactions. Also, retinyl palmitate, a vitamin-A compound used in about 40% of sunscreen products, has been found to promote the development of skin cancer.

On average, a typical consumer uses about 10 cosmetic and personal care products every day. Our skin is the largest bodily organ that absorbs about 60% of what we put on it so, take a look through your bathroom cabinet to see what you’re putting on your body. While we may not be able to eliminate all toxic and chemical ingredients from our personal care regimen, let’s take steps to reduce our exposure.

What ingredients are in the products that you use? Let us know what you find.

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Food on Your Body: Tips for Dry Skin

Is the harsh winter weather wreaking havoc on your skin?  Central air and heating drying you on the outside?

Here are some all-natural ways to moisturize and refresh rough, dry skin.

1) Avocado:

It’s no wonder our Avocado Lavender Salve is so popular!  Great for dehydrated skin, avocados are packed with protein, essential oils and nourishing vitamins.  Mash a ripe avocado into a paste and smooth over your face and body.  Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with tepid water.

2) Yogurt:

Grab that container of yogurt from your fridge and slather it on!  Not only is yogurt good for you on the inside, it’s great for you on the outside. Yogurt is filled with protein and vitamins and contains lactic acid to gently exfoliate.  Smooth on some plain yogurt on your face to cleanse and soften your skin.  Leave on face for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with tepid water.

3) Bananas:

Rich in vitamin A and potassium, bananas are a skin-saver!  Mash a ripe banana into a paste.  Apply all over face and leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with tepid water.

So, go ahead and play with your food.  This time…you won’t get in trouble for having food on your face.  And, your body will thank you!

What’s your beauty tip?

Thank you for being kind to your body.TM

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Ours is to get Back-to-Basics…

When it comes to skin care, we like to keep it simple.  Here are some basic steps for healthy, beautiful skin: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

  1. Cleanse: Use a mild, daily cleanser to dissolve pore-clogging dirt and oil.  Avoid using harsh cleansers and soap that can irritate and over-dry your skin.
  2. Exfoliate: Weekly exfoliation removes dead skin cells, reveals younger, fresher skin, and allows your skin to absorb moisture.  Avoid exfoliating too often or scrubbing too hard as this can damage the skin’s surface.  We find exfoliating masques better for oily, acne-prone skin.
  3. Moisturize: Protect your skin from losing moisture.  Avoid over-moisturizing as it can clog pores and, if you’re going outside…don’t forget the sunscreen!

 Thank you for being kind to your body. TM

©2011 Naturally Susan’s LLC. All rights reserved.