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HEALTH & BEAUTY: Skin Care Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

IMG_1315Have you used apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a hair rinse? As a facial exfoliant? Or, as a toner? If so, then you know about some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar for your skin. It’s an all-natural, head-to-toe skin care product!

We’ve been touting the benefits of ACV, the fermented juice of crushed apples that contains vitamins, minerals and acetic and citric acids. It helps to balance the PH level of the skin to help promote skin cell renewal and proper function.

Here are some of the ways ACV can be used as part of your skin care regimen:

Hair rinse – An ACV rinse helps to detangle hair, revitalize shine, and cleanse your hair and scalp by removing residue and buildup from hair care products. It contains properties that naturally remove dirt and debris and has also been known to help manage dandruff. After shampooing, pour a mixture of one part water and one part ACV through hair, and then rinse with water.

Facial Toner – When the skin’s PH level is in balance, skin cells can regenerate, the skin can function properly, kill bacteria and manage excess oil. As a toner, mix one part ACV to two parts water (use more water if you’re skin tends to be more sensitive).¬† Dab a cotton ball into the mixture and smooth once or twice over face.

Facial Exfoliant – Weekly exfoliation is important to keep skin clear and smooth. ACV helps by removing pore-clogging dead skin cells that can cause breakouts. As a facial exfoliant, mix one part ACV to four parts water (use more water if you’re skin tends to be more sensitive).¬† Dab a cotton ball into the mixture and smooth over face in circular motion. Then rinse.

Skin Softener – Add some ACV into your bath for a soothing and skin-softening soak.

ACV can also be used to help soothe sunburn, aid in digestion, boost immunity, and whiten teeth. Remember, it’s best to dilute the ACV with water before consuming or applying onto the skin. And, look for raw, organic, unpasteurized, and unfiltered ACV that includes the sediment also referred to as “the mother”. That’s the good stuff!

Thanks again for being kind to your body! And, happy pampering!


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NS Fan Stories: Avocado Rose Salve

An NS Fan who met us at the¬†Columbus Circle Holiday Market this past December, recently came by our shop¬†at Artists & Fleas to purchase¬†the Avocado Rose Moisturizer that she came to love. She mentioned¬†that she had¬†stumbled upon our booth at Columbus Circle after a chemotherapy session and, in addition to making her purchase,¬†she wanted¬†to come by to personally thank us for making all-natural products.¬†We’re grateful¬†for her kind words and thankful¬†that she’s well.

Avocado Rose Salve Moisturizer

Avocado Rose Salve Moisturizer

We’ll be at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market!

We’re thrilled that we were accepted as a participating artisan at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market! This coming holiday season, it will be our first time at this exclusive market¬†and it’s sure to be exciting!

From December 1st through December 24th, the market will be open daily at 59th Street and Central Park West, near the southwest entrance of the historic Central Park, and across from the Time Warner Center.

We’ve been busy preparing! So, mark your calendars and come enjoy the festivities, shop for holiday gifts, and nibble on delicious bites! We’ll see you there!

Columbus Circle Holiday Market Photo credit: UrbanSpace

Columbus Circle Holiday Market
Photo credit: UrbanSpace