HEALTHY & BEAUTY: Prep Your Body for the Holidays


We’re all busy. And, we seem to be getting busier every day, leaving us less time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the holidays fast approaching, more travel, family gatherings and social engagements often fill our already full calendars. Yet, when that happens, it’s even more important to find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, how are you prepping your body for the holidays? Here are some tips that may help:

1. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is important to maintain proper bodily functions and to flush toxins from the body. When exercising or traveling, it’s important to drink even more water to replenish our bodies since exercise and dryer environments can deplete more essential fluids.

2. Exercise. We admit that we’re not the most diligent about following a regular exercise routine, yet we’re constantly on the move when it comes to our market life. So, whether you enjoy jogging, swimming, or practicing yoga, continue exercising to keep your body active and in shape.

3. Eat right. Fill your plates with more fruits, fish and nuts. Fruits such as berries are high in antioxidant vitamins like A and C, and consuming more fish and nuts such as almonds that are rich in essential fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and keep the body healthy.

4. Get eight hours of sleep. Can we tell when we’ve gotten at least eight hours of sleep? Of course we can. We look and feel younger and more refreshed!

So, stay healthy this holiday season. We wish you a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Naturally Susan’s selected to be showcased at stopTHINKshop!

You’re invited to stopTHINKshop!


stopTHINKshop  is a pop-up store that showcases social good products that make a big impact. The holiday edition of the shop will include the newest innovations in socially conscious design and some old favorites that have been pioneering the field. Showcasing items that contribute to environmental and social good in a variety of ways, stopTHINKshop makes it easy to feel good buying when you buy good stuff. Featuring 30+ designers selling a range of house-ware, jewelry, toys, body, mens products, accessories, and print products.

Where: 37 East 1st Street, New York, NY, 10003

When: Wednesday December 11th to Sunday December 15th  |  12p-8p

TYTHEdesign is excited to be presenting a socially responsible point of view. Throughout the week, stopTHINKshop will host various events such as:

Opening Night – Panel Discussion:  Wednesday, December 11th  |  7p-9p

An open discussion on Pop-up Retail and Conscious Consumerism

Cocktail Reception:  Friday, December 13th  6p–8p

Vendors and Friends of TYTHEdesign Holiday Party (including wine, snacks and product demos)

Drop by and shop all week long and please spread the word to your friends.

Hope to see you there!

Sea Salt & Organic Sugar Body Scrubs

Sea Salt & Organic Sugar Body Scrubs

Event curators:

TYTHEdesign is a collaborative consulting firm that supports the needs of organizations working in the social sector. From non-profits to social ventures, we use the lens of design to increase the impact of group serving the public good.

miLES opens underused storefronts to new possibilities, with classes, events, co-working, and short-term space rentals. We work with residents, artists, businesses and landlords in the Lower East Side to identify, program and fill underused spaces and turn them into vibrant community hubs for working, learning, connecting, and starting up new projects.

Event sponsors and supporters:

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Naturally Susan's Ultimate Gift Package

Naturally Susan’s Ultimate Gift Package

Our Ultimate Gift Package is on its way to Calvert Hospice’s Red Carpet Event at Calvert Elks Lodge.

This package includes our Azuki, Oatmeal, & Chocolate Facial Masque Trio, our roll on moisturizers & natural perfumes, our best-selling Avocado Lavender Salve, & three cotton wash cloths with a floating candle glass bowl.

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