[MOMPRENEUR SERIES] Featuring Igicom, LLC Co-Founder Serena Reisner

This Mother’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to recognize some Mompreneurs that we’ve met along our journey. Somehow, they find a way to balance their entrepreneurial workload while being full-time Moms. We’ll be introducing them to you throughout this Mother’s Day weekend and we asked them to share some tips for fellow Mompreneurs.

********************************************************************************** We’ve known Serena for years and we’ve always admired Serena for her dedication to her businesses and to her children. Serena’s calm and humble nature lends well to her ability to manage her busy schedule, her daughter’s modeling career, and her son’s booming career as a chef. We see the same kindness and sincerity in her children as we do in Serena, so we know she’s doing some thing right.

serena_with_the_kidsIntroducing: Serena of Igicom, LLC.

Q: Please describe your business.

A: I run an Internet applications design and development company.

Q: How long have you been running your business?

A: 22 years

Q: What inspired you to start your business?

A: I initially started freelancing and the business expanded.

Q: How do you balance the responsibilities of being a Mom and running your business?

A: I run my business with my husband and the teamwork allows me the flexibility for being a Mom–working from home, scheduling meetings and conference calls, attending school events and cooking with my kids. I’ve been involved on my kids’ school PTAs for a few years and also have the flexibility to schedule meetings at work that generally can be while the kids are in school.

Q: For current and future Mompreneurs, what advice would you give them?

A. I think running your own business can often allow you to set your own schedule. Even if you have to take your work with you (either on vacation or to the playground), it still allows you time to be a Mom and balance both. Fortunately, the kids grew up understanding this, and we’re still able to travel and spend time together. Now that the kids are in their tweens/teens, their schedules are becoming busier but we always have dinner together.

Q: What’s your secret to staying healthy and beautiful?

A: It’s important to stay healthy. I try to eat a balanced diet and work out with a personal trainer three times a week during the work day, so that I can have more time with my family in the evenings and weekends.

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Special thanks to Serena! We’re grateful that you’re part of our journey!