HEALTH & BEAUTY: Decoding Green Juices

See the supermarket aisle in the photo…we live there! Okay okay…we don’t actually “live” there, but you’ll often find us there studying the ingredient labels on each bottle.

We’ve probably tried the majority of the green juices that you see on the shelves since we like to drink our fruits and vegetables as well as eat them. We often bring a bottle of green juice with us when we’re at our various markets. But with so many types of green juices out there, how do we choose the “right” ones? Are all green juices created equal?

Here are some things we look for in green juices:

  1. Look for cold-pressed. Cold-pressure processing crushes and presses the fruits and vegetables, using processes that generate less heat. This keeps the juice as fresh and as nutrient-rich as possible.
  2. USDA organic and non-GMO (genetically modified organism) preferred. Food and beverage companies that have these certifications operate and process their products in accordance with specific government regulations.
  3. Avoid added sugars and salts. Many fruits and vegetables have natural sugars and sodium, so keep an eye out for ingredient labels that have added sweeteners such as cane sugar, corn syrup, and other artificial sweeteners.
  4. Take note of the top ingredients. If the juices include a plethora of other ingredients or the top ingredients are not the ones being touted, then they may not be the ones to choose.

We hope this helps in decoding green juices. And, we hope to bump into you in the green juice aisles some time :).

Thank you for being kind to your body!

HEALTH & BEAUTY: Healthy Summertime Smoothie Recipes

Apples 2During the Summer, do smoothies make up the majority of your meals? They do for us. Especially when it gets too hot in the kitchen to cook. And, as our days get busier and we prefer to spend every minute soaking in the extra daylight hours, what do we do? We pull out the Vitamix! The ice-crushing, vegetable- and fruit-pulverizing machine that transforms solid foods into pulpy, liquid beverages.

While cold-pressed beverages are generally best for the body since the heat generated from blending can affect the nutritional content of the juices, we enjoy blending to retain the fiber from the skins and pulp that help cleanse and remove toxins from the body.

The inclusion of antioxidant- and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables such as kale, spinach, apples, and berries in the beverages help to maintain a balanced system and healthy, glowing skin. Over the years, we’ve tried numerous blends and have adapted some to our tastes. Here are some of our favorite fruit and vegetable blends:

Smoothie Green Smoothie:

water (purified)

3 kale leaves

2 apples

1 pear

1 celery stalk

handful of spinach

1/2 a cucumber

1/2 a lemon





water (purified)

1 lemon or lime

1 tablespoon of raw honey



(Mostly :)) Fruit Smoothie:

water (purified)

2 carrots

1 apple

1 banana

1 cup of mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)

1 celery stalk

1/2 a lemon

Remember to alternate the variety of foods that you consume, since eating too much of a good thing can build up in your body as well. And, remember to use organic and chemical-free produce when making your blends.

We hope you enjoy these recipes and let us know your favorites. Have a wonderful and healthy Summer!

~ Naturally Susan’s