Our Pampering Station is Popping Up at Exhale Spa!

Our Pampering Station is popping up at Exhale Spa on Central Park South! Come by for some skin care treats and check out Exhale’s rejuvenating therapies! See you soon!
Tuesday, October 11th (3pm-8pm)
Wednesday, October 12th (3pm-8pm)
exhale mind body spa logo 06.16.2013

Join us at Exhale Spa on Central Park South!

exhale mind body spa logo 06.16.2013We’ll be there on Tuesday, April 26th, and Wednesday, April 27th, with our skin care goodies, so come pick up some pampering for Mom and for yourself!

Exhale Spa (Central Park South)

150 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019 (near Columbus Circle)

Tuesday, April 26th (3pm-8pm)
Wednesday, April 27th (3pm-8pm)

See you soon!

In the NS Parlour Spotlight: Dawn Punto & exhale mind body spa

exhale Meatpacking

exhale Meatpacking

If you’re a spa-goer in the know, you know of this oasis nestled inside Hotel Gansevoort in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking District. A retreat of hydro pools with a candlelit ambiance that will set your mind at ease the moment you step inside.

Venture into the hotel and travel to the lower level where you will discover exhale Meatpacking. One of 20 exhale locations, this relaxing hideaway is perfect for both locals and globetrotters to enjoy some well-deserved pampering.

Recognized for its Core Fusion and yoga classes that focus on strengthening the body’s core, exhale also offers spa therapies to transform the mind and body. We had the pleasure of meeting Dawn, the Spa Director at exhale Meatpacking. Always smiling and gracious, we found an attention to detail that Dawn and each staff member had that added to our spa experience. Dawn has been at exhale Meatpacking for three years and we learned that she is a new mom to twins. She’s vivacious and has a stamina that we can only wish to have! Dawn ensures that each spa event runs smoothly and that every spa-goer’s experience is exceptional.

We had the opportunity to chat with Dawn to get her secrets to success…

Dawn Punto, Spa Director, Exhale Meatpacking

Dawn Punto, Spa Director, Exhale Meatpacking

NS: Briefly describe your role at exhale.

Dawn: At exhale, I oversee the daily operations of our spa, wellness, boutique and class programming. Being in one of our more intimate locations affords me the ability to be very hands on with our guests and staff. Being able to make soulful connections on a daily basis is truly what I love about my job.

NS: How long have you worked in the spa industry?

Dawn: 3 years! In my previous careers, I’ve worked in salon and retail management, as well as some marketing and PR. All of that experience has proven to be a great asset for me to draw upon in my current role.

NS: What led you to pursue a career in the spa industry?

Dawn: I was always searching for something that could tie in my analytical business mind, my innate ability to connect with people on an authentic level, and my love for all things wellness related. At exhale, I truly feel at home.

NS: What advice would you offer to those looking to pursue a career in the spa industry?

Dawn: My advice is simple. Anything you do in this life, make sure you are passionate about what you are doing.  If you don’t love what you do then what is the point of doing it?

NS: What’s your secret to success?

Dawn: Authenticity. Who I am at home, with my friends, with my children, with my staff, and with our guests is who I am. All people respond to the truth. Living in my truth is what creates the blessings that surround me.

NS: What does beauty mean to you?

Dawn: Beauty is simplicity. It always kills me how when I walk out of the house in an old t-shirt and jeans with no makeup how I wind up getting the most compliments on my appearance.

NS: What’s your favorite beauty routine?

Dawn: I absolutely love going to bath houses and sitting in the sauna and steam room with volcanic mud masks. My skin always feels so refreshed afterwards!

NS: Do you have a beauty tip that you would like to share?

Dawn: Green Juice! It’s my secret weapon against aging and promotes vitality and energy throughout my day… low energy Dawn is not beautiful.

We encourage you to enjoy some “Me” time at exhale! For spa therapies, our personal favorites are their refreshing facials and the long-lasting manicures. They have mani-pedi products that are all natural and certified organic which is right up our alley. We love that!

For more information about exhale, please check out their website at www.exhalespa.com or schedule a spa appointment at (212) 660-6733.

exhale Meatpacking hydro pools

exhale Meatpacking hydro pools