[HEALTH & WELLNESS] Immunity Boosting

Did you indulge this holiday season? We did. When we’re on the road, it’s often difficult to eat right and stay healthy. We try to make the right food choices yet the selections are sometimes limited. So after the holidays, we refocus our diet by eating more organic fruits and vegetables and limiting our consumption of red meat and processed foods. We refocus to rebuild and restrengthen our body and our immune system.

To stay healthier this busy holiday season, two ingredients that we included more of in our diet are fresh ginger and garlic.


Ginger and garlic are touted for their immunity boosting qualities. Garlic is often revered for its antifungal and antibacterial benefits, and for its antioxidant and detoxifying abilities. Ginger, similarly lauded for its antibacterial and antioxidant qualities, is helpful in addressing digestive issues and inflammation.

To drink to better health…we created our ginger and garlic brew. Our organic Ginger and Garlic Peppermint Honey Herbal Tea has been our beverage of choice this holiday season. While it may not sound tasty, it’s delicious! Especially when sweetened with a dash of honey. We include peppermint for its minty flavor and since it’s also an immunity booster, aids in digestion and relieves nausea. And, honey, highly regarded for its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits, is a delectable sweetener.

For our blend, we slice up a few organic garlic cloves and ginger root and steep them in boiling water with some peppermint tea leaves (or use a tea bag if that’s easier). Add honey to taste. It’s simple. It’s easy. And it’s great for the body!

We thank this herbal beverage for keeping us healthier this holiday season! So, we raise our teacups and toast to a healthier 2017!

Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year! A time to reflect. And, a time to embrace the learnings from our past. Last year was an impressive one. It was a year filled with happiness. Unexpected sadnesses. And, extreme surprises. It tested our resolve. Our fortitude. And, it made us stronger. Thank you for journeying with us in 2016! And, please join us as we forge ahead in 2017…


Here’s to New Beginnings!

Happy New Year from Naturally Susan's!

Happy New Year from Naturally Susan’s!

Happy New Year! We hope that 2014 is off to a great start!

For many, a new year means new beginnings. A fresh start. A chance to begin the year with a clean slate.

Every year, we make one New Year’s resolution. It is to be happy. What differs each year though is the path to achieving that happiness. This year, it’s about maintaining our health. When life gets overly busy with work, family obligations, and day-to-day responsibilities, it’s easy to forget to take time for ourselves.

In 2014, we plan to devote more time to yoga and to enjoy more long walks to achieve our goal. What are your New Year’s resolutions? If it includes more time for yourselves and more pampering…we can help with that : ).

We look forward to spending 2014 with you! And, we wish you a year full of exciting new adventures!

~ Naturally Susan’s