[MOMPRENEUR SERIES] Featuring Video Producer Micki Pagano-Parente

This Mother’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to recognize some Mompreneurs that we’ve met along our journey. Somehow, they find a way to balance their entrepreneurial workload while being full-time Moms. We’ll be introducing them to you throughout this Mother’s Day weekend and we asked them to share some tips for fellow Mompreneurs.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been about eight years since we first met Micki! We’ve always admired Micki’s creativity and professionalism. And, working with national and local brands including The Culinary Institute of America, American Cancer Society, Rockefeller Group, and BR Guest Hospitality, Micki’s talent continues to be recognized, earning her 22 distinguished industry awards! She’s an inspiration. It has been amazing watching Micki grow her business with her family and we are so proud to be in her company.

Micki&Tony Parente 1Introducing: Micki of Branding Shorts

Q: Please describe your business.

A: I run a video production company.

Q: How long have you been running your business?

A: Ten years.

Q: What inspired you to start your business?

A: I’ve always loved filmmaking and made short films for fun. I was a Madison Ave creative director for many years, creating and shooting commercials around the world, but it was a very stressful and demanding lifestyle. Ready to flex my entrepreneurial muscle, I left a lucrative career to do my own thing and have more of a balanced life.  

In 2008, my husband (a marketing director) and I joined forces to start Branding Shorts as a way to leverage our big brand experience to help small businesses grow through the power of short branded videos. Since then, we’ve produced videos for local and national brands, as well as helped charities fundraise through video, across the country. We’re honored to be recipient of 22 industry awards.

Micki Parente 2

Q: How do you balance the responsibilities of being a Mom and running your business?

A: It certainly is a balancing act raising a child and running a business – and to make sure you have quality time for both. One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is flexibility. Since my husband and I run the business together, we’re grateful to be able to make our own hours. We have an office, but work at home too, which allows us more time to spend with our three-year-old son, who is our number one priority, as well as our seven year old rescue pup, who’s also like a kid :).

Q: For current and future Mompreneurs, what advice would you give them?

A: I would say, get enough rest. Make a plan every morning for the day. I love making a check list and crossing things off – it gives a sense of accomplishment. Being a mom and an entrepreneur are similar in many ways – both require lots of nurturing, love, devotion and attention to grow. Motherhood and entrepreneurship give an opportunity to learn something new – and make an impact – every day. 

Q: What’s your secret to staying healthy and beautiful?

A: Staying healthy, feeling good and getting enough rest is important to both motherhood and entrepreneurship. I try to incorporate lots of fruits and veggies, a daily walk and do my best to keep it all-natural with our family meals and my beauty regiment too. For example, I like using coconut oil as a daily moisturizer and also like Naturally Susan’s Avocado Rose Salve. I even use natural lipsticks made without chemicals. Going natural and organic has become more important than ever, since becoming a mom. And companies like Naturally Susan’s are great to support the growing trend toward natural, non-toxic, skin care and a healthy lifestyle. 

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Special thanks to Micki! We’re grateful that you’re part of our journey!